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Hazards/floodTool_Social_Vulnerability_Index (MapServer)

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Service Description: CDC's Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) is a tool, created by the Geospatial Research, Analysis & Services Program (GRASP), to help public health officials and emergency response planners identify and map the communities that will most likely need support before, during, and after a hazardous event. The tract-level SVI shows the relative vulnerability of the population of every U.S. Census tract. The county-level SVI shows the relative vulnerability of every U.S. county population. The SVI ranks tracts (or counties) on 15 social factors, described in detail in the documentation. The tract (or county) rankings for individual factors are further grouped into four related themes. Thus each enumeration unit receives a ranking for each Census variable and for each of the four themes, as well as an overall ranking. See complete documentation here: For additional questions, contact the SVI Lead at

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